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Help Us Change the Way Children Play

We’re Hiring

Join the team at The Bounce Playhouse! 


  • Work Today, Get Paid Tomorrow

  • Amazing training and development

  • Competitive benefits

  • Corporate and restaurant career tracks

  • Career growth potential

Front Desk

Job Openings

Gaming Team in Blue
Person holding cleaning supplies

Main Team

Clean Team 

Front-desk/Check in service
  • help customers sign in and pay
  • set up and give pagers to customers
  • give out wristbands to children 
Check out service 
  • monitor time for pagers and activate them
  • receive pagers from customers 
  • add more time to pagers if customers request
  •  collect payment from customers that either go over time limit or those who requested more time
  • help The Bounce Playhouse become and stay sanitary and clean
  • clean bathrooms
  • clean front lobby
  • vacuum/sweep and mop areas that need it
  • take trash out and ensure all trash cans are not  running over 
  • refill hand sanitizer and/or soap bottles in the facility
  •  wipe down and clean counter tops and/or tables when needed 
Professional Kitchen
Security Guard

Kitchen Team


  • take and fulfill food orders          
  • prep and make food in the kitchen area
  • get and serve hot food (pizza, hotdogs, meatballs, fries, etc)   on time to customers
  • upsell food items to get customers buying more food
  • wipe down and clean countertops and tables in  kitchen area
  • provide customer service to our customers by carrying out safety and security procedures, site-specific policies and when appropriate, emergency response activities
  • respond to incidents and critical situations in a calm, problem solving manner
  • conduct regular and random patrols around the facility and perimeter (working environments and conditions may vary depending on the day and time)

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